Electronic Wholesale Overview

We take pride in our product knowledge,technical expertise, as well as our warehousing and logistics; which cater to the customer’s requirements in timely manner. Our wholesale division focuses on Audio, Musical, tablet PC’s and product accessories of unique and well-known brands.
aDawliah products are available in most of the well known markets, shopping malls located in all areas of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Rainbow Cleaning System Overview

aDawliah is the sole agent for Rexair in seven Middle Eastern countries, for marketing the Rainbow Cleaning System from the U.S.A.

The Rainbow Cleaning System is responsible for cleaning homes in the most natural way,by using the power of water.

Independent laboratory tests have proved that the Rainbow Cleaning System beats the efficiency of filtration.

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Cosmetics Overview

In order to serve the retail outlets and wholesale market by distributing its products throughout the Kingdom, and bringing the best products to the consumer; aDawliah established this division in 1997. These leading skin care and body care products have special perfumes and a variety of fragrances. Besides, we provide more than 150 types of skin care products from famous brands,which are made from natural essences, with high quality standards.

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Our President Walid Al Braikan

aDawliah - A Message from the President on ValuesMissionVisionGoalsSuccess

By God’s grace, aDawliah Group has achieved success and recognition beyond our expectations.

Our journey towards the pinnacle of success would not have been possible without the perseverance and continuous efforts of our stakeholders, our personnel, their families,our business partners, associates and friends.

The dedication and constant support from our employees have been instrumental in bringing success to every venture of aDawliah Group. This, coupled with a strong commitment to absolute integrity, has elevated aDawliah to its current position.


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Latest News

Some Information about Our latest News

aDawliah latest musical showroom @ Prince Sultan Road with most of the musical and HiFi brands.

aDawliah latest musical showroom @ Prince Sultan Road with most of the musical and HiFi brands.

Location: Visit Us Here

تتقدم الشركة الدولية لخادم الحرمين الشريفين وولي العهد والحكومة الرشيدة والشعب السعودي الكريم بخالص الاماني والتبريكات بمناسبة اليوم الوطني.

الشركة الدولية تحتفل باليوم الوطني الـ 88

New showroom in Riyadh

A new musical showroom in Riyadh

See Location

New showroom in Jeddah

New Yamaha showroom at Prince Sultan road

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Latest Cosmetics Brands

Check out the latest Cosmetics Brands

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