Home Appliances Overview

Seeking to deliver the most innovative home appliances, aDawliah recently established a new division, which is specialized in home appliances. The main target of this division is to introduce and import the latest new products, pertaining to electrical machines and equipment needed in most houses and considered as valuable gifts, in order to fulfill and serve the local market demand and needs with advanced high technology products.

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Showrooms Overview

The Company was established in 1981, owing to our strategic business vision. Being a -2room office in Sharq with 3 full-time staff and, one Showroom in Kuwait city we selected the best prime locations to keep our customers reach our products in no time. Since then aDawliah has steadily grown into a leader catering to the needs of the audiovisual market in Kuwait, both in high-end consumer and Professional AV.

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Electronic Co Overview

Our fully trained, technical and professional consultants are empowered by experts, who work together as one security team towards the same goal: the safety of your people, buildings, assets, and reputation. We are dedicated to provide integrated solutions and execute turnkey for large-scale projects such as airports, military bases, universities, hotels, and hospitals. Such projects require extraordinary efforts and resources.

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Our President Walid Al Braikan

aDawliah - A Message from the President on ValuesMissionVisionGoalsSuccess

By God’s grace, aDawliah Group has achieved success and recognition beyond our expectations.
Our journey towards the pinnacle of success would not have been possible without the perseverance and continuous efforts of our stakeholders, our personnel, their families,our business partners,
associates and friends.

The dedication and constant support from our employees have been instrumental in bringing success to every venture of aDawliah Group. This, coupled with a strong commitment to absolute integrity, has elevated aDawliah to its current position.


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What We Do

Latest Project

Some Information about Our latest Projects

Why Choose Us

aDawliah Group’s corporate culture is characterized by its ability to adapt quickly to our valued client’s requirements. From the company’s launch in 1979 to the present day, our hallmark of ingenuity has driven continuous improvements in our operations and a relentless momentum for growth. We are an international company with around1400 employees from diversified countries and backgrounds. Our business solutions cater to the needs of customers in different countries.

Prince Sultan Center for Heart

The implementation of all the light current systems of the entire building consisting of 9 floors and parking spaces, where the supply and installation of BMS systems from the Hanwell Company to control the electrical systems and lighting, airconditionning and water in the building, in addition to:-Supply and installation of the US West CaLL patient callback system-Supply

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GCC Monetary Council Project - Riyadh

Installation of a security control system for doors (200 doors)-Installation 20 fingerprints devices from the American company CEM for the attendance and departure of employees. As well as central monitoring room for control, monitoring and installation of central servers

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Security Forces Hospital

We utilize our deep professional experience in the security and care to execute a project of high-quality standards, including the installation of the hospital’s access control system, which controls all interactions between rooms for the Security Forces Hospital. Besides, upgrading the hospital’s existing system and software, which includes 102 doors. In addition, we provide maintenance, which requires a qualified team of specialized Engineers.

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